Myanmar Sector TP Session- 1-30 September 2019

Gathering of Temporary Professed

The youngest generation of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Myanmar had an annual session for a month in Loikaw, Kayah State from 1-30 September, 2019. Nine Myanmar TP sisters from different communities and one Temporary sister from the Philippines who is in Myanmar for her international experience joyfully participated. The entire program was organized with the accompaniment of Sr.Agnes Paitu, the TP Directress. The overall purpose of the session was to revitalize Good Shepherd Spirit and Charism in these young sisters through co-learning based on holistic model of formation.

Enriching Moment

The session was inspired by the East Asia Province Chapter 2020 theme- “Integrated Life…Drawn by Love…Passionate for Justice.” The session as a whole opened a new pathway to the transformation for Good Shepherd Mission in the context of today’s reality. Each temporary professed felt that it was an enriching moment to have participated in different facilitation led by the resource persons.

Challenged and Inspired

The starting point of the session was inspired by the sharing on one year journey of mission experience. The sharing comes from their own experience and realities of the religious life in the 21st century. Each sister respectfully brought the whole community to the sharing in the sacred space. Each one learnt something new and left something behind after the sharing to move forward into the new horizon.

The Sisters saw a new horizon that was emerging from the contemplative dialogue based on the story of “Canaanite Woman” from the Gospel which was facilitated by Sr. Rebecca Kay Thi Oo. Reading this particular Gospel passage from feminist perspective was very challenging while at the same time everyone felt encouraged and inspired by this particular woman of the Gospel. All shared that they were moved to respond to the injustice situations that is happening everywhere. The session was concluded by each one offering a specific commitment for Mission to Mother Foundress.

The next session was on “Attachment theory and coping mechanism” by Sr. Felicitas Koh. The sisters were invited to take a journey into their childhood which refreshed them to live a life which is deeply rooted in reality. This session made all realized that knowing and being aware of one’s inner journey help build a fruitful relationship in the Mission of Reconciliation.

One month TP session was concluded with the annual retreat in the Jesuit retreat center at Taunggyi. It was a directed retreat led by Fr.To To, SJ and Fr.Irsan, SJ where each sister was accompanied to enter into a deep encounter with God and her reality. After the retreat, all returned to Loikaw and spent a day of integration to sum up one month experience together.

Gratitude Expressed

The Good Shepherd TP Sisters in Myanmar are grateful to Sr. Agnes Paitu and each resource persons who generously shared their time, knowledge and experiences. The Sisters went back to their own Mission area feeling challenged to live a life which is relevant in the today’s realities.