Dive Deep into Synodal Dialogue

From the 11th to 19th of October 2023 organized by Sr.Rebecca Kay Thi Oo, East Asia province leader and the team.  12 sisters from East Asia province participated in the second part of the workshop on The Art of Skilled Dialogue. This was facilitated by Paula and Jamie Sgherza at the Salesian Retreat House HuaHin Thailand. The first part of this workshop was held in March 2019, Myanmar.

The aim of the workshop is to learn and explore practices of participatory facilitation through dialogue that engages curiosity, compassion and courage for Good Shepherd Mission effectiveness and also to embody the role of host as a personal practice when leading groups.

The contents from this workshop included Four Levels of Listening, Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry, Jigsaw, World Café, Circle Way, Mind Mapping, Conflict Transformation, Round Robin, Open Space, Pro Action Café etc. and applied O.R.I.D (Objective, Reflective, Interpretive and Decisional) for evaluation of the workshop.

Many images captured the tone of the workshop including a flower blooming more each day; holding a mirror up to oneself; pottery becoming a beautiful pot and dive deep in the dialogue ocean. The high points during workshop were full participation, creativity and preparation, skills sustainability, discovery of something new. The insights from participants were self- awareness of one’s capacity and limitation, awareness of others learning types, shifting way of handing conflicts, going to deeper levels of dialogue, good preparation and how to design a facilitation project creatively.  At the end of the session the participants expressed their willingness to sustain the Art of Skilled Dialogue Facilitation by practicing powerful questions and will digest and apply what they have learnt. They have committed to meeting online in November to dialogue more about sustainability of the learning.

Some feedback comments from participants are:

“I gained deeper knowledge of myself and the importance of being a skillful facilitator.”

“This session made me grow in designing a facilitation project in a creative way.”

“All the methodologies are very helpful and enhanced my personal growth as well as in relating with others. It really encouraged me to live and apply them in daily living.”

“Grateful to Paula and Jamie the facilitators for their expertise, gentle, sincere and thoughtful teaching and instructing.”

Thanks to our congregational leadership team and East Asia province leadership team for providing this opportunity to deepen our commitment.