To honor the International Day of Girls on 11th Oct, 2019, GSMF would like to present our girls from different parts of Myanmar. These are their feeling


I am Rosaline, from Pekhon. I am very proud of myself for being a girl. I trust that being a girl can give a new life. Girls will ultimately become women and only women can deliver future presidents, doctors, engineers, lawyers, nurses, etc. So, I respect myself and the values vested in me which make me proud of myself.
Just because of the culture, the people discriminate the women. But, we, the women would not agree to that concept. We, the women would hold our hand together and raise our voice to let the whole world hear our voice that we are equal. I really want to encourage the girls not to be afraid of being girls but feel proud themselves instead. Nowadays, many women are leading their respective countries in the world stage and that would make us feel so proud ourselves for being girls. God created human beings and provided equal power.

Shun Lei Yadi

My name is Shun Lei Yadi from Hopin, Kachin State. I am a Buddhist girl. I am (13) years old and currently study in Grade VIII. I am pleased to be a girl especially when other praised and said that girls are good and clever. I feel happy and proud of myself for being a girl. To me, I accept that girls and boys are equal. It means neither one is higher nor lower.
I dislike any kind of gender-based discrimination in the society. I believe that whatever the boys can do, the girls also are able. There are numerous women presidents and prime ministers in the world leading the countries. Besides this, we must emulate Daw Aung San Su Kyi who is a courageous leader of our country. I like her and feel proud of being a girl /a woman like her.
My ambition is to become a doctor and I will try hard to fulfill my dream. I must be a girl who is worthwhile for my family, society and for my country. I will go to the remote areas that are isolated from the cities and wish to educate health knowledge to the people and provide best of my medical service without any charges.

Zar Chi Nin

My name is Zar Chi Nin, sixteen years old. I am from Meo Buye Township – Hwa Ri Suplai Village. When I was young, I do not want to be a girl. But, when I came and stayed in Loikaw boarding house (Good Shepherd Convent), the sisters educate us many courses about women and girls. From there onwards, I became to know more about the values of women and girls and I become to love myself and feel proud of being a girl. Woman are not dependent on man only, they can stand by their own.
Kindness and Compassion! They are zealous in everything and desire to support the needy. Especially the widows, although they do not have husband to depend on, they have the ability to support their family and educate their children.
Women have strength and power not only in supporting others but also in undertaking the leadership role. For example, Daw Aung Sun Su Kyi of Myanmar.
I want to be a woman who can stand by her own two feet and have the ability to help others. I don’t feel sad to be a woman because woman also has strength. Even when you face the challenges, do not feel sad. Get up and stand up again.

Saung Cherry

My name is Saung Cherry. I’m from Thu Htay Gone village of Tharyarwaddy Township. I am the eldest among three sisters. I am studying in Grade 10.
When I was young, I wanted to be a boy. As you know, there were no boy in our siblings and my parents also wanted a son in the family. Sometimes, it is so disturbing me when some boys tease me in the class or in the village. At that time, I wanted to fight them back but I couldn’t, just because I knew that they are stronger than me.
When I gradually grew up, I’m satisfied with my life as a girl. I understand and feel that women can change the world because they are the mothers of human beings. So, I’m very proud of myself for being a girl but I know that I must try hard to be a good and clever woman in the future.

Phyu Phyu

My name is Phyu Phyu. I am attending Grade 9 in Basic Education High School of Mine Koe, Shan East State. I am interested in education and always helping my teachers. I am very happy and satisfied of my life as a girl. So, I would like to share about my life as a girl. I prefer to wear beautiful dress and put ‘Thanakha’ on my face that makes me looking good. I love flowers and always tuck on my hair. It has been giving pleasure to millions of people. t
Normally in our culture, we see the women that they are so weak physically but so strong in internal. For example, we can see Daw Aung San Su Kyi. She is the incumbent State Counsellor of Myanmar and a Noble Peace Prize laureate. Not only the people in Myanmar, but also many people across the world respect her. She can motivate the whole country and personify her power in motivating people moral and in the leadership skills. It is a marvelous deed of a woman.
I love the nature and always take good care of the ground by planting and watering. I am a pious girl who respects all people, maintain good relationship with others, love the nature and work hard. With the above-mentioned points, I have the skills and attitude of a good girl. Thus, I am so happy and satisfied of my girl’s life.

Nang Eai

My name is Nang Eai from Mohnyin, Kachin State. I am 15 years old. I am a Grade 9 student and studying very hard because I want to be an educated person to support my family. I am happy to be a girl because I have the ability which the boys do not have. I love my beautiful hair and body structure. And I am proud that I can give a new life. I have the dignity. Without girls, there is no baby also. I am a future mother of the world. I always thank God create me as a girl.
In my life, the woman whom I admire most is my mother. She is a good mother to us. Although my family is poor, my mother is working very hard. Therefore, we all can study because of her endless hard-work. Sometimes, we don’t have enough food to eat in our home. In that situation, my mother always sacrifices for us. She gives all and said she’s not hungry at all. I felt very sad. I want to help my mother but she always said that it would be great help to her if I study hard.
As such, I am studying very hard now and hopping in one day, I can support my family effectively as well as my country. My mother is really a hero to me. I am gifted in drawing beautiful pictures. Thus, today, I drew a picture of my mother, sitting on the chair and guiding us.

  • The meaning of orange color is brightness and victorious.
  • The meaning of chair is to stand always and not to fall down.
  • The meaning of a hand is showing the right way for me.