Launching out deep into the roar of Anti-Human Trafficking, Elimination of Gender Based Violence and Child Safeguarding and Empowerment

The Good Shepherd spirit and charism was revitalized by the gathering of Myanmar Good Shepherd Sisters in Yangon from 1-11 August, 2019. Forty three sisters and four lay mission partners from 8 different communities participated. The purpose was for the annual sector assembly and for the mid-term evaluation of Strategic Plan in preparation of East Asia Province Chapter.

Assembly is a time  of joy, a time of hope, a time of peace, a time to share lots of fun, a time to give, a time to reintegrate, a time to listen, a time to unite, a time to set free, a time to celebrate and a time to be together. Above all, it is a time of cherished moment. The power of gathering is immeasurable!

The assembly was inspired by the East Asia Province Chapter 2020 theme: “Integrated Life, Drawn by Love, Passionate for Justice.”

The assembly was filled with joy and heartfelt responses by each sister’s own experience. The sharing and discussion were energized by the spirit and charism of the Congregation of the Good Shepherd. During the first part of the gathering, the Sisters developed common understanding on life-giving community, transformational leadership and searching together for CHANGE individually and communally for the effectiveness of Good Shepherd mission. The assembly encouraged each Sister be more hopeful, more joyful, and more thoughtful. A major section of the gathering was spent on evaluating our strategic plan.

Evaluation is the time to review, to measure, to value, to celebrate on the achievements, to energize, to learn from the past, to take risk for the future, to come out of the comfort zone, to change the old ways of doing and welcoming the new.

As GS Myanmar strategic plan is in the middle of its 5 years plan, mid-term evaluation of strategic plan was conducted and it was facilitated by Ms. Manuela Coletti from Ireland and participated by the mission partners. Each one actively participated by sharing her/his own experience on the implementation of strategic plan. Having implemented the strategic plan for two and half years, the sisters realized that there is a need to be adapted to the changing situations of local context. As preparation before the actual evaluation, the interview of stakeholders and beneficiaries was conducted. During the evaluation, the achievements from the last two and half years were celebrated and the challenges faced were then taken up and a new vibrant and achievable programs were set up for the second half of strategic plan.

The Good Shepherd Sisters in Myanmar are grateful to Manuela Coletti. Her way of skillful facilitation gently moved all mission partners to respond into “Launching out deep into the roar of anti-human trafficking, Elimination of Gender Based Violence and Child Safeguarding”.