Survivors’ gathering at Good Shepherd Convent

Honoring Myanmar Anti-Human Trafficking Day which falls on 13th September 2018, we the NET members (Network to End Trafficking) organized a gathering of Human Trafficking survivors at the Good Shepherd Convent on 15th September 2018. With the leadership of Issara Institute, Network to End Trafficking was formed in 2016 with different likeminded organizations working to end human trafficking in order to strengthen the Anti-human trafficking network. At present, there are about 30 different groups joining the network.

The gathering event was initiated by the survivors themselves who were motivated to meet among themselves in order to encourage and empower one another. About 30 participants joined the occasion. Among the participants were the human trafficking survivors, NET members, representatives from IOM (International Organization for Migration), World Vision, vocalists and two retired Polices from Anti Human Trafficking Task Force.

One of the Survivors shared that she is happy to be a part of this special event which helped her remember how she was saved and not re-trafficked again as well. On this special occasion, a retired ATTF (Anti Human Trafficking Task Force) U Khin Maung Latt expressed that the task to save those who are trafficked is very challenging because it happened not only inside the country but also beyond our country. The collaboration of everyone is much needed. He also encouraged the survivors with his caring and loving words.

Saw Pho Kwar, a popular vocalist, joined the occasion empowering the survivors through songs and encouraging words. Hetket, an actor and singer, participated and expressed his solidarity with the survivors through games and encouraging songs.

It was a day of meeting and sharing of those who have passion for the Anti-human trafficking Work and those who have survived from this terrible trafficking experience.