Yangon and Dala Nurseries
(A Non-profit Project)
Good Shepherd Sisters, Myanmar

Good Shepherd Nurseries for Children at the margins

The Good Shepherd Sisters live opposite of the Yangon General Hospital. They observed the people living under the shade of the hospital day and night with their children of nursery age.

Also, while parents are working in the hospital, the children are left on their own in the hospital compound.

At the same time, they are concerned about the children of the vendors around the hospital. The children run around unsupervised while they parents are doing business.

Most of the families are manual workers of/around the hospital with small income. Some families have no proper job, no regular income and no proper place to live. Most of the women go from house to house washing clothes for a small fee and living hand to mouth.

With the generous help of kind donors, the sisters were able to open Yangon Nursery for the children in their convent in October 2006.

Parents can work without worries for their daily living. Children are happy playing together and expressing themselves, being accepted as they are. They have shelter for a day, enjoy their
meal, receive their nutrition and have a warm and secure environment. They learn through games, explorations, and are able to improve their relationship with others.
Each child is taken as precious, regardless of their colour, religion, and family background. They are treated with dignity, Children’s Rights and due respect. In our Nurseries, a loving, caring and safe atmosphere is created for each one where he/she is given opportunity to grow freely, to be healed and to be provided with their basic human needs.

Nursery in Dala

Some of the children who came to our Yangon Nursery are from Dala. Dala is situated on the other side of Yangon River and can be accessed only by boat. All the manual workers of the hospital receive small accommodation quarters in Dala. After the cyclone in 2008, most of our children from Dala were not able to come to Yangon because of the difficulty in crossing the river. In response to the request of the parents, a Nursery was opened in Dala on the 1st of June 2008.

The children in the Yangon and Dala Nursery project –

  • are able to study in a loving, safe and caring atmosphere
  • become healthier physically, psychologically, emotionally
  • know how to take care of themselves
  • have their basic human needs met: regular meals and nutrition, proper and clean clothing and place to learn and to play.