Journeying with a Good Shepherd heart….

The Sisters from East Asia Province:  Myanmar, Thailand-Cambodia and Vietnam organized a three day Province Gathering at Redemptorist Center Pattaya, Thailand from 15 to 17 November 2018. The theme for the gathering:  ‘Journeying with a Good Shepherd Heart’.  

It was the first time in the history of the Province that a total of eighty Sisters gathered together to get to know one another better, building friendship for the sake of the MISSION effectiveness in the Mekong Region.

It was a great occasion for many Sisters to meet and reflect together as a Province, appreciating the richness of our diverse cultures and histories.  The gathering was facilitated by two great facilitators of the congregation – Ms. Jill McCorquodale from Australia and Sr. Anne Dalton from Australia/Aotearoa New Zealand Province.

This Province gathering is the initial step in preparation for the Province Chapter which will be held in April 2020. The Sisters joyfully spent time together reflecting, sharing and listening based on the Province and Congregational Direction Statements on how the Shepherding Mission has been carried out in each sector.

The Sisters from each country grouped together to tell the story of how and where the Shepherd God has been leading despite the challenges and limitations of each individual country. The missionaries and the Sisters who founded or refounded the Shepherding Mission were remembered in love and gratitude. The present realities of each country helped the Sisters to realize the need to prepare for the mission sustainability and for more vocation promotion and more lay participation in the mission. The overall reflection and sharing of the Sisters highlighted the importance of personal integration and the building up of the life giving community for Mission effectiveness.

The gathering concluded with the cultural night where the Sisters proudly wore their traditional costumes and joyfully presented different cultural dances.