My Voice = Our Future



International Day of the Girl is an international observance day declared by the United Nations, celebrated on 11 October. Good Shepherd Asia Pacific celebrates this day from 11 October to 10 December (Human Rights Day) in order to support girls around the world. Each country takes turns to celebrate it through social media, due to the pandemic, and Myanmar celebrated it using Facebook and Instagram between 26 October and 1 November. Theme for this year is, “My Voice = Our Future.” Sisters from the Justice and Peace Committee worked hard to make this celebration happen. They posted different clips and pictures to make the voice of the girls heard.

The voices of girls were gathered and composed into Theme Songs and short video clips to highlight the strengths and virtues of girls. Expressive arts and successful stories from girls were collected and posted daily, with days arranged according to the foundation of the each house in Myanmar. Girls who survived inequality and discrimination as well as girls brought up by love and care raised their voices to be echoed throughout the earth for the sake of their future. Generation Z and Gen Alpha were very active in this activity and they realized that their contribution will surely make a better future. Good Shepherd Sisters were invited to participate in “Sisters’ Voices for the girls.” Sisters were videotaped while they delivered their words of encouragement and blessings to girls. Moreover, online protection info graphics were translated in Myanmar and posted so that children and parents will be well informed about the most challenging issue of this time.

Many girls and parents came to know the voices of other girls and Sisters and came to realize their rights and dreams.

Elizabeth Joseph RGS